Wednesday, March 23, 2016


[That white snow-river is actually liquid typewriter correction fluid]

Some hand-painted 4" x 6" watercolor postcards made recently with quoties typed on via the 1982 manual typewriter I found at a yard sale last summer for $15 whose keyboard has French diacritical marks (acute, gràve, çedilla, circumflex, diaeresis, ümlaut, etc.)  No tilde or haček , unfortunately.

It was in perfect condition and came with a carrying case.
One can find ribbons for these trusty old chuggalugs for sale on Ebay,
in all black or red/black.

Some more of  the quotykards:

And a few quick, motivational ones:


[That's supposed to be an egret]

Remember "white-out" (for typos)? ha ha
It also comes in handy for fantasy trees' eyeballs.