Friday, March 4, 2016

On Lennon's Lucrative Hair

  Heritage Auctions image

How they won the war on the peaceniks, they
got the cynical idealist to play Pvt Gripweed,
cut his hair for this new film role, fit him
up with trendy, round glasses, and
parodied the anti-war parodies. 
     Should I laugh or beat my breast,
     because what's funny about war,
     or anti-war? 

14 years on, the bespecticaled muskateer dies
and the world mourns.
In 36 more, a clever keeper sells
that (now 50-year-old) lock of hair,
for 35,000 smackeroos, smiling
all the way to the bank. 
      (As we get old, do we cash in?)

Look, how we win today's war(s) is, we 

*  $ell Peace, one arm$-deal at a time, we
*  $ell "silly", to distract.
*  For the war on cancer we ask folks to 
        volunteer their hair
        to wigless fighters
*  For the war on poverty, we 
        ask the nation to don Austerity
        via needed cuts and trims.
*  For the Woe-Be-Me's, we 
        encourage the use of rosy glasses,
        to envision future bizness bloomings.  

Do we need new idols now to sing us Peace and Oneness
'mid war, and rumors of?
No, we need:

more "forward" thinkers,
        to example us to profit
*  more paid preacher$ 
        to promote pro$perity
        to the Never-Will-Haves
*  more devoted dividers 
        to direct the Disassemblings,
        one hate screed at a time.

See, Oneness is unthinkable (given our differences).

*  plan more detention center$,
*  erect higher wall$, 
*  build better fence$,
*  con$truct more temporary Permanent camp$
        for the perpetual (now global) 

Meanwhile, back at the Auction House  . . . 

Imagine! - a dead Beatle's hair attains a second life,
this icon of an icon, still retaining his DNA. 
Lennon LIVES!!! 

There IS no We anymore -  just the remembered things:
those words, those times;  bad luck, good "deals"; 
lyrics from our worshipped departeds, re-sung on the
way to the unemployment office, while pondering the
endless march of the war on all;  and on:      

what disappears,
  what lives on;   
    what never change$;
      what we keep,
        what we buy into,
          what we $ell,
           what we can't, and
            what we just

~~  Words that arose and tumbled out after reflecting on an article about the recent sale at an auction house, of a lock of John Lennon's hair for $35,000; about arms dealing (who buys what from whom and for what purpose). the ongoing migrant situation, and political doublespeak.