Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stories, Big and Small

 awyn art

Isis the goddess gets a candle lit in her honor
by a newly initiated young witch
crafting healing spells when the 
novenas failed,
while ISIS the terrorbringers storm fist-thrusted 
'cross gun-swept sands -
caravan style -
in identical new Toyotas.

In a dark, rented room
a lonely man in a faded armchair smokes a borrowed
wondering where his life went.

In a loft, a frustrated painter
hurls his prized ivory paintbrush at the wall,
its splattered flecks bringing unexpected
           "At last!"

At the BookFair, a writer bemoans his perennial
Leaves with a pocketful of
scribbled hopes.

In the suburbs, a woman slips into her nightdress, aglow -
the letter that brought forgiveness within reach
on the night table, wedged between
the jar of pink face cream and her
chipped porcelain pillbox.
           “I am loved.”

A child looking out a school bus window
witnesses a brief  act of kindness;
hasn’t yet learned that big word called ‘empathy’
but instantly knows its opposite,
suddenly arm-pinched by the bully in front.

A soldier looks death in the eye and gets a reprieve,
his life forever changed.

Everywhere, a story
and stories behind the stories
behind the stories -
too many unwritten,
untold or

~~ A.W.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ride Slide

At the park this morning
boughs descending, river rising -
the bike waits, hooked to a bench.
I'm on the bank
hooked on the

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Of Dads

 Poet Jessica Goodfellow has collected and posted some wonderful  poems about fathers on her blog at Axis of Abraxas today, here.   Too good not to pass on.

Some  poems to, from and about fathers, reposted from Salamander Cove, here.

Happy Father's Day today, Alexi and Nate!!   :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

At the neighberhood yard sale . . .

I wouldn't dare show that to the cats -
instead I
 bought a miniscule jade 'desk' frog
for 50 cents

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Not Letting It Go Down the Memory Hole*

man facing tank, alone
Tiananmen Square
25 years ago

Lone protester on a street in Tibet
five weeks ago

[April 26, 2014, Nqaba County, Amdho region, northeastern Tibet, a 19 year old monk of the Kirti Monastery staged a peaceful public protest, alone - for which he was beaten, then taken away.[1].]

tank man
monk man
not alone