Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over

They say we will have four more days of the white stuff this week.  Quebec City got more, Montreal less.  It is like it is.

They say it will soon be "like spring".  But first, a little storm, followed by brilliant blue skies, and --
I heard birds out there singing the other day!!  (The birds know.)  Soon the geese will start coming back. According to the locals at the reserve who track these things, it will be from the 1st of April to the 8th of May this year.  Last year I believe it was later in April and over 200,000 of them came, all at once.  I still run outside as soon as I hear them, to watch them fly by.  It never gets old. 

(Are they into mud season and maple sugaring down in Vermont already, Bob?!)


Neighbor, clearing what was once the sidewalk

 And now the driveway

Road needs plowed -- again

Well-used path to shed

Running out of places to dump it.
(I want to capture, and  someday paint, that sky's mezmerizing blueness!)

In front of the Cultural Center

At every house, a dug-out path

Father and son, out for a walk

So the roof doesn't collapse

No skaters on the pond today.  Too cold.

What's another inch or two!

At  door of the pharmacy

Outside window
(there's a big, long wooden bench buried under there)

Here comes "Yellow", 
one of two strays we've been feeding and
sheltering all winter

"Where's my dinner!?"