Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thought-Pick at the Bus Stop

 "Now don't go getting any crazy ideas, like
that we all really originally came from outer space or something.
That's a conspiracy theory, man."

"The Philae space probe was powered down earlier than expected, but not before an instrument discovered an organic compound that was first detected in the comet’s atmosphere, the Wall Street Journal exclusively reported Monday.

 "The find is extraordinary considering the organic compound contains the carbon atom, which is the basis of life on planet Earth. Further research is being conducted to see if there are complex compounds like amino acids or simple ones like methane and methanol, considered “building blocks” for proteins.

 "The research “will help us to understand whether organic molecules were brought by comets to the early earth,” Stephan Ulamec, the Philae’s landing manager said, according to the Journal." [Source]

Sunday, November 2, 2014


So long ago . . . .
Sundays in that drafty loft
reading the newspaper, sipping espresso
and cheap red wine,  the air reeking of Gauloise, 
Hardy's voice charming the pigeons in the rafters.
All the storms we weathered, he and I -
but not together. (Some things are just not meant to be.)
Ah, memories!  Scenes replayed as if on cue
each time you hear a certain song,
reliving faded old snapshots of that long-ago you
who still calls out from time to time
to remind.

Lyrics (en  français)

Beaucoup de mes amis sont venus des nuages
Avec soleil et pluie comme simples bagages
Ils ont fait la saison des amitiés sincères
La plus belle saison des quatre de la terre

Ils ont cette douceur des plus beaux paysages
Et la fidélité des oiseaux de passage
Dans leurs cœurs est gravée une infinie tendresse
Mais parfois dans leurs yeux se glisse la tristesse
Alors, ils viennent, se chauffer chez moi
Et toi, aussi, tu viendras

Tu pourras repartir au fin fond des nuages
Et de nouveau sourire à bien d'autres visages
Donner autour de toi un peu de ta tendresse
Lorsqu'un autre voudra te cacher sa tristesse

Comme l'on ne sait pas ce que la vie nous donne
Il se peut qu'à mon tour je ne sois plus personne
S'il me reste un ami qui vraiment me comprenne
J'oublierai à la fois mes larmes et mes peines
Alors, peut-être je viendrai chez toi
Chauffer mon cœur, à ton bois.

the English version:

So Many Friends:

So many friends have come and gone like you have done
I meet them for a while between the rain and sun
Like birds of passage shelter from a stormy sky
We get to know each other while the clouds pass by.
They always leave a little of themselves behind
A tenderness and sympathy so hard to find.
They listen to my troubles with a look so wise
But often there's a touch of sadness in their eyes

Like you, you came to me, from the storm
You came to me, and I kept you warm

So many friends of mine before have done the same
They go away from me as quickly as they came
Their hearts are full of tenderness and love to share
With all the lonely people they meet everywhere
Who knows exactly what the future has in store ?
One thing I know for certain, I've got one friend more
A friend in need will always find a friend in you
Maybe some day when I'm alone you'll see me through

Someday, I'll come to you, from the storm
I'll come to you, and you'll keep me warm.

 (Gérard Bourgeois/Jean-Max Rivière) English adaptation: Julian More.