Thursday, November 2, 2017

Consecratalstones That Lack Foundation


Wreckball all the highrises:
then use the cornerstones of those
leveled towers to create my castle:
composed solely of foundationstones,
each one of which was blessed
with a ceremony, a literal
groundbreaking and therefore whole;
each block unique,
inscribed with ritual aggrandisements;
each planted solemnly:
each underpin-laid as the bedrock
its lesser brothers would rest on:
use only these rootstones to raise
the walls of my eyrie house hideaway
whose forbidding frame will have
no real infrastructure, whose form
will be a spiritual suspension
(cradle crux kernel hub core)
wherein each establishing stone
must cohere solid with the weight
of its having once been named
in salutation as such--but surely
when these maidenstones these
consecratalstones are placed
together to make home my dream
my ideal occupancy, then surely
due to the baseless act
of imagining this acme of architecture
I will never be allowed to live here.

~ ~  Bill Knott

From: Beta: Poems About Things that Begin with the Letter B,
self-published by Bill Knott in 2013.

The poem above is one of three poems in this 82-page book that fall under his category of "buildings" (between "barbershops" and "bullets").