Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glass, Wall and Road

Recent trip pics. 
Downtown Toronto, from the upper-deck window of the Megabus.
 It took us 45 minutes just to get out of the city, due to traffic.

It takes approximately 1 hr 42 min by car from Toronto to Buffalo,
but due to traffic and long wait at the border,
(processing over 100 people, one by one,
in line behind two buses waiting ahead of us),
we got in four hours later than expected.

Mural on Main Street (theatre district),
Buffalo, New York

Into the Pennsylvania mountains
no more glass city
no more brick walls
only road

Sunday, October 6, 2013

geese going


                                    That time of year again.
                                          They honk goodbye.
                                                 Another leaf dislodges itself
                                                            from the yellow birch tree,
                                                                    sails past on its way to 
                                                                             the ground.

                                               Ah, Autumn.
                                                        Awe . . .  again.

 "To Life"

 late turners, these
green leaves are stronger,
leave later,
 last longer  -

not unlike
late bloomers, who
 need more time to ponder,
get there slower,
hang on, to hang onto

 Time cycles replaying - Look,
another year, and 
         you're still here,
    to see,

to Be.