Sunday, March 18, 2018

One Month Later

The snow has not gone yet.
I invite April to hurry up and get here.

Besides the squirrels and sparrows and the two courting bluejays, we
 now have several doves visiting.  They usually all eat at different times -- the squirrels
come first, then the sparrows.  The doves wait till afternoon.  Sometimes they
all arrive together and pretty much ignore one another.  

What I loved about this particular scene was the juxtaposition of accidental symmetry in
the pecking order of the calm, polite doves with the quirky, jerky back-to-backness of
the ever-jumpy squirrels--who abruptly stopped eating to go chase a fellow squirrel
that was thinking of approaching the feeding spot.

I'm sooooooo ready for Spring!  This winter has been a disaster as far as
finishing long overdue projects was concerned.  Some actually never even got tackled.
Maybe like the squirrels, I'm too easily distracted.  ("Look! There's a squirrel!")  

Watching birds and squirrels when you should be doing  ... [insert whatever].