Monday, May 21, 2012

Salamander Cove May 2012 Issue


May 2012 Issue

Nine Featured Poets
Six Artists 
14 Poems, 1 Photo, 6 Works of Art
      POEMS                                     Contributors
               "Dinner"                                                                                        Patrick Lane 
                     "Initials"                                                                              Andreas Gripp 
                          Untitled                                                           Nguyen Quoc Chanh  
                              "Bonsai"                                                                          Patrick Lane  
                                "Dove Tale"                                                                April Bulmer 
                           "Indiscretion"                                                                   Ewa Lipska                   
                       "Poets Talking"                                                                   Patrick Lane 
               "Anniversary Day"                                                               Ed Markowski
          "Drzazga"/ A Splinter"                                                                      Ewa Lipska  
        "Eating Fried Chicken"                                                                         Linh Dinh
   "Translators of Baudelaire"                                                                    Will Stone
  2 untitled monostich poems                                                         Grant Hackett
"Church of the New Covenant"                                                       Ed Markowski 
Three Hands                                                                         Art Durkee      
"Hugin-Mugin"                                                                 Rudhi Rüscher   
      "Blue Horse"                                                                   Kiki Thome 
              "Eleanor"                                                              Lynne Hoppe
                       "Traces"                                                   Bridgette Mart  
                          "Witch Tree"                                                Art Durkee
                                 "Profil inquiete"                    Jean-Michel Ripaud



New Feature:

The June 2012 Issue of Salamander Cove will
feature some selected poems of one past contributor.
[This is an experiment, for possible repetition, twice yearly, 
showcasing selected poems from a past, present or future contributor.]