Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vermont again

Little day trip down to Vermont last Saturday.  This was traveling
 from Rouse's Point, NY to North Hero, VT

Goose Point

At Farmers' Market in City Hall Park,
Burlington, VT

 I don't know what it is about Vermont.  I need to go back there, often, to see those mountains, be near the lake, just breathe the air.  Sometimes just approaching the mountains again is like an infusion of bliss.

It took over an hour going through the Canadian-U.S. border.  It was the last day of the Jazz Festival in Burlington and the place was bursting with people.  When I lived there I used to shop every Saturday at the farmers' market in town.  My favorite farmstands were Arethusa, Diggers' Mirth, and
Full Moon Farm.    How I miss that place!!  A woman with an herb stand called Ladybug Herbs was responsible for first getting me started on plant learning.  I couldn't tell one twig/stalk from another then.  "Don't be overwhelmed by what you don't know," she said, "Start with just one.  Learn everything there is to know about it.  Then go on to another."  I chose the milk thistle; its purple flower seemed to message "Pick me!". 

There are over 500 certified organic farms in Vermont. You can find a list of them here.  And here are the summer farmers' markets listed alphabetically by county, in case you're in that neck of the woods and want to check them out.

Vermont has a Farm Share Program for its residents who live at or below the Federal poverty income limit where they can receive up to a 50% subsidy or reduction in cost of produce from a local farm.

Burlington also has a Winter's Farmers' Market, located in Memorial Auditorium on the corner of Main and Union Streets, held twice monthly, occurring on the first, third and fifth Saturdays of the month' markets are open from 10am-2pm, November through April.

 I always find interesting information when I visit Vermont.  Always!  For example, Peace of Earth Farm in Albany, VT  shows a way to construct a root cellar using two 35-gallon metal trashcans.

Anyway, it was well worth the four and a half hours it took to get there.

Of all the places I have ever lived, Vermont stole my heart on Day 1.
And part of it's still lodged there.