Friday, May 18, 2012


Testing the batteries in my digital camera yesterday -

What is this?

It could be

 a white Paint-Blotch Bird, soaring -
a ghostlike figure, wand raised, instructing the leaf -
a half-moon with large nose, sneezing  -
two images adrift on an iron lid -
anything you want it to be.

 [It's actually the bottom of a black plastic rain barrel, in whose water you can see a patch of blue sky over part of the shed roof.]

Some other snapshots from out in the back yard:

In the spice garden -
lemon balm.
The tea kettle whistles.

where the lilac tree once stood -
new life

Dainty blues.
Always the first to show up,
first to leave.

Color spread, spreading

Blues and yellows: hilltop neighbors

Our garden Buddha

Rocks assembling for border duty in the flower garden ::
 no pebble refused.


Cedar tree, momentarily birdless 

One-armed Buddha
needed in the veggie plot