Sunday, August 31, 2014


  about 80 birds,
  loudly chattering 
inside the
cedar tree, suddenly descend as one, onto the front lawn  
and   frantically   begin   picking  at the  grass.  Then, in a 
 fly   off   in  a
 single dark swirl
  directly over to the
 telephone wires where
 they    abruptly  go     silent.  
A minute or so later, as if on cue,
 they  head back en masse to the cedar tree
and resume their  loud, shrill cacophony, before
 bursting out of the leaves in a single blast at bullet-
speed, and disappear.from view. All that's left, a gentle
 breeze and eerie  silence --  the calm before the storm.
Here are          for the
 53 of              second
them               chat
when                fest
 they                  in
  got                  the
     the                 cedar
    call                 tree


Nature's metaphor for how I've felt all week, reading about Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Ferguson, ISIS/ISIL, Ebola, bombings, beheadings, surveillance and war. Under a darkening sky,  watching in fear, everyone nervously chattering, or numbed into speechlessness, huddling together (like those birds in the cedar), or scattered, directionless, waiting, wondering how to weather  the storm we all sense may be coming.