Monday, June 10, 2013

Frottage Collage Experiment

Textured rubbings taken from (1) a wooden bench, (2) a brick wall, (3) a floor tile, (4) a table surface, (5) some letters on a wall plaque, and (6) the buttons on a vending machine.  Experiment was to make a collage from these rubbings; to "create something". Got ready with scissors and pencils.

The frottage (rubbings) I worked with:

Detail from Collage, Panel 1

"Child's Head" - Detail from Collage, Panel 1
"Skull" - Detail from Collage, Panel 1  [magnified]

Complete Collage, Panel 1
"NO to War"

Detail from Collage, Panel 2 [Enlarged]

Complete Collage, Panel 2

Disclaimer:  The last time I made a collage was in elementary school.  So I'm a bit rusty.  I had no idea when I started what the outcome would be.  This was a timed exercise.  I beat the clock, but would prefer not to have had to 'create' under such pressure.  No time to repair the Smudge-Lady's left arm!! 

Materials used:   11" x 14" (65 lb) sheet of white paper from my Canson Sketchpad, scraps of paper cut from six art rubbings (frottage);  graphite, charcoal, and colored pencils (black, brown, blue, red, white); scissors, glue, eraser. 

The child's tiny bald head and face were the first images I "saw" in the mass of blotches and striations from the rubbings; as well as one round 'possible face' (which morphed into the Smudge-Man).  (He looked sad, so I found him a mate). 

The Smudge-Couple were originally also just smeary blotches that I then cut into circles and gave them faces, eyebrows, eyes, noses, lips, hair and pasted the heads onto some rather unconventional necks.  (The clock was ticking, I felt rushed).   I call them Smudge-People because the texture I had to work with was basically smudgy, shapeless blotches, so they appear a bit battle-scarred.  Perhaps they have some relationship with the small child on the opposite panel, with whom they share the Collage.  I never learned their story, but I'm sure there is one there.