Monday, August 3, 2009

The Littlest One

When I transplanted this little guy he was the puniest of all the others.
By the second week he had gone all wimpy and lost most of his leaves.
Some bug had gnawed at his stem. He was leaning precipitously close to falling over. He didn't look... healthy.

I considered yanking him out. What kind of tomato plant, with only one offshoot, four times smaller than any of the others, would produce anything at all?

He looked so pathetic. I reached for my trowel and took a second look. He seemed to be saying, Ah c'mon, gimme a chance. Leave me be.

So I did.

I don't get over to the community garden as often as I should.
A kazillion mauvaises herbes invaded and I spent 3-1/2 hours weeding and working the soil. Then I saw it--my first tomato! Out of 17 of his other, far sturdier and much larger companions, this little bugger produced the first tomato!! The first one!!! How about that!!!

We've had so much rain this summer the tomatoes in general are not doing very well. Ditto for strawberries and blueberries (so the farmers tell me).

Later this week I'll post some updates on the other 'crops' over there. But I just had to show this little guy. So glad I listened to my inner voice and let him grow at his own rate. And hot damn, if he didn't come in first in the tomato production department.

Lessons nature teaches us: Don't give up on a thing (or person). You never know when they might far exceed your expectations.

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