Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whistleblower to Tell All

Watch Your Back, Sibel

Always a bit dangerous, when a whistleblower starts to "tell all". Two sides to this: those who worry that she'll be "Wellstoned", and those who question the announcement itself.
[See Comment #40 at bottom of article on Brad's Blog.]

At any rate, it's getting harder and harder for whistleblowers to get their message out. What's the first response: Discredit them, then fire them, or kill the messenger, whatever it takes, so that the message is not brought to light, or worse, believed, and even worse than that, investigated. Anyone remember Bunnatine Greenhouse? Did anything really change vis-a-vis contracts because of that investigation? Anyone ever do a comprehensive follow-up?

Will be watching this with some interest. Will she be given a public forum to tell all? Name names? What's going to be the final outcome? Inquiring minds, stay tuned.

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