Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lampreys Strike Back!

I'm passing along the press release for a new book I just read. Stephen King, move over, you got some competition!


Burlington, VT. October 2007

The ongoing efforts to control the lamprey infestation in Lake Champlain undergo a spectacular setback in the new novel by Burlington author Peter K.K. Williams. In Clamp, the residents of a lakeside village are subjected to terrifying attacks by swarms of mutant, flesh-eating lampreys. Along with the invasion of these horrifying predators, Clamp provides a humorous view of the quirky characters inhabiting a Vermont village, a group that includes summer and year-round residents, guests at an exclusive resort, dairymen, a homeless tramp, a Loch Ness search team seeking Champ (Nessie’s long-lost cousin), and a local rock band.

Peter K.K. Williams has been living near the shores of Lake Champlain for more than two decades, observing and painting its many moods. The Kieron Press is soon to publish Mr. Williams’ second book, GigsAn American Rock n Roll Odyssey.

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