Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Readers flock to 1984

"George Orwell's dystopian fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four is enjoying a renaissance. . .  sales of the classic novel's  2003 reprint have spiked 3,100% over the past 24 hours as coverage has widened of the fresh reports (and new confusion) about the National Security Agency's data gathering programs and the 29-year-old Booz Allen Hamilton ex-employee,  Edward Snowden, who leaked details about them last week."  [Source]

One commenter comments:  "My first reaction was:  'Oh, at least people are reading the classics again.'"

So forward looking, we see nothing
But a dystopian future . . .

From "Zigzagging Forward",  a new poem by  poet/writer/photographer Linh Dinh,  here.