Friday, December 22, 2017

Normalization of the Intolerable

With only a precious few notable exceptions, this past year has been seamless in its belligerent horror.

We are well beyond "It can't happen here."  

This is what fascism looks, smells and sounds like before it breaks out of its egg  and spreads its wings. This, right down to the clownish strongman screaming from the podium. They laughed at Mussolini, too, until it became a crime to do so.  After that, the joke was on the world. [Source]

There is a point, I think, when continually being outraged becomes both exhausting and irrelevant.  A populace that's socially conditioned to respond will react predictably, and be ignored (or punished) for doing so,  (A typical reaction to the New Now is the expression on the face of the guy in the photo above. ) 

Maybe it's time to stop  knee-jerk emoting and take a stand, try to find a solution.    Replace fear with resolve.   Say no to the Nonsense.  As in:  No, we don't buy into the reality they're trying to impose.


Photo and artwork by awyn.