Monday, April 4, 2016


Some things are so predictable -
spring follows winter,
summer follows spring;
sunrise, sunset,
people being people,
models, patterns, habitudes.  Nothing
surprises anymore - the same 'ol
same 'ol, following Tried 'n True. Except
not all tries turn out true
for some; for you.  The decision to
be more of,
or less of
something  . . .

When stopping to smell the roses, you can fall
into the invisible crack in the landscape, distracted
by the mirror-like puddle that wrests your
      A rose is a rose
      and mirrors don't lie, which is why
not the where, not the when, nor the how - it's the who in Unrest
left forced to assess what's followed from what, to
rethink that seasaw,  go