Saturday, May 16, 2015

Frag Jots


Hanging up clothes in the back yard yesterday
a wave across to neighbor Clement
and his dog Charlotte
who then walk on over and
Clement tells me the tests are back, he has
cancer of the blood and that
despite eating six pieces of toast every morning,
he's still losing weight.  
The neighbor on the other side is moving out
for lack of sleep, on account of her downstairs neighbor who 
despite several visits from the police
(and eviction notice from the landlord)
rampages on.
This morning we'll have rain,
(so the weather people say).
The community garden folks want us there at 9:00
to stake and rope the plots.
A second cup of jumpstart dark-roasted Trader Joe coffee
and I'm off.  Should I or should I not take
an umbrella?