Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tree, bird, words

Some Hidden
thoughts and unsaid words
collect and build in
pools of verse, like land-locked trees
that try to fly.  (How many ever do?)
These quirky pre-launched poems-to-be,
in  struggling to expand their reach,
find here a way yet to emerge,
  to coax the word buds through.
One makes a tree, draws it just so, dressed up as 'poem'
with words that show it's all in vain this stealthy surge,
that tries to just prevail -- cuz all
too often what you get is simply soup (and lacking worth);
deep down inside you know it's doomed, and that it will just fail.
And yet, one learns and can evolve.
Like honing, hearing (new resolve!), and this
type task's of value, yet.  So try  another one.

                                                              Dawn! –
                                                           rooster tells
                                                    us, 'Here comes sun'. Look,
                                                             o’er the treetops, greet the
                                                                sky,   the   snow-filled   fields, the    frozen   brook
                                                                   two squirrels   chase,  in 
                                                                         morning’s light on
                                                                          banks   deep, cold
                                                                            & white. O life!
                                                                                  Another                                                                                                                                                                     D                                                                                                                                                                        A