Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Behind the Curtain

Costumes, as symbols.
Ritual, to remind.
Membership, to perpetuate.
These things, you still find.

Meaning doth lie
in the meaning attached;
accepted as "givens"
even if you're detached.
     So it seems.

Enactment a must.
It reinforces belief.
A setting we trust
to bring sought-for relief
     from life's Void,

from all that's unknown
yet we think might be true.
Life without symbol
or myth, just won't do.
     It can't BE.

Image as mirror,
as message . . .  as glue.
The face that you wear -
Is it really you?
     (that one that you share).

I once met a man
quite famous, in fact;
was shown to his study,
to be taken aback
     at his face everywhere

in dozens of photos
displayed on the wall
of himself with famed others.
"Visitors, bow down in awe!"
     was the message it told.

But why shouldn't one show
to the world one's Self,
in a suit or a robe
or dressed like an elf
     or as Everyman?

We're actors here, all
playing our role
on or offstage
cautious or droll.
     We write the script.

Like that self-absorbed man
let us into his room
"Look at me, look at me,"
his hims said in tune,
     and it's true -

talent he had;
influence, in flux,
(I shudder to think
exactly how much
     it rampages on.)

 A legacy left,
 he's so happy, I'm sure
at the zillions of places
it stuck and much more 
     like stealth glaze.

Costumes, as symbols
Ritual, to remind
Membership, to perpetuate
These things, you still find

We're actors here, all
just playing our role
on or offstage
cautious or droll.
     That is the plan.

Now they write the script,
assign the roles,
provide the stage,
supply the trolls.
     We all know the drill.

Clap, clap, everyone.
Did you enjoy the show?

Wait.  You didn't realize it was a show?

*A rhymey, blurt-poemy addendum, of sorts, to yesterday's hastily painted wake-up cards, neither of which adequately expresses the insight that resulted from this morning's sudden collision of a past memory with a sense about a not-so-current but continuing series of events.