Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cracks in the Wall

Some photos I took yesterday of some cracks in a wall
along the sidewalk down the street.

Original photo of section below the area
shown in the photo above

Experimenting with different color schemes:

         "Four Deer Dancing"

Cropped, enlarged, turned upside down, inverted,
the deer 's legs become - a lamb sleeping.

 Repositioned, retinted -
it reminds me of ancient cave wall paintings.

Enlarged, rotated and I changed the color. again:

"Accidental Abstract Stonewall Art"

~ ~ ~

Sometimes your camera doesn't cooperate:

Leaf on pond water, and assorted detritus, at Park Chenaux
Way too blurry - what can I do with it?

Rotate, crop, enlarge, tint, invert -
 it's a Halloween ghostie, waving!

 Isolate a different section - and out come
two heads, back to back,  in profile, 
the woman on the left, slowly disappearing.
(Rorschachian interpretation #4)

but  . . .

Let's go with that profile on the right,
expand rightward, and tweak some more:

"Old crone smiles, talking to her skull"
[You can tell Halloween's coming.  It's coloring my imaginings!)
This  might work as a book cover for a little handpubbed chapbook . . .


Who knew noticing a few cracks in a stone wall and a leaf among pond scum would generate such a flurry of experimentation and discovery!    I wish I could  take really good Black & White photos and knew more about cameras.  It's more fun (and challenging) though, to see the possibilities of what can be done with what you've got, coaxing imagined specialness out of the "what it is".  What's surprising was how enjoyable it can be.

~ ~ ~

Okay, enough crazy imaginings.
Some other photos taken on the same walk, at the same pond:

He kept walking around, as if lost.

 Optical Illusion:

Three gulls, mirrored

 Then there were two

"Are you done photographing us yet?!"

  Dreamlike, upside down

Mr. Egret is bored.
He suggests we both call it a day.


Photos were taken with an Olympus SZ-14 pocket camera (14 megapixel).  Tweaked with Picassa3.