Thursday, April 17, 2014


awynart View #1

awynart  View #2
Glancing through some old papers and

I can't remember now who got drawn first,
which was an afterthought,
why she is shaped like a fish, or
how these two ended up merged to one another on the page


 each is insisting on being seen first,
the face to which the viewer's eye gravitates as the primary focus,
the second figure relegated to being "lesser", a mere accessory,
 appendage, or barnacle.

"It's just a doodle" won't cut it, I fear.

[I thought this only happened with one's fictional characters,
this nag at the creator - and
even if you draw faces without mouths,
they voice you through their eyes.]
And so, to keep the peace -  let's give  Equal Time
to Mr. Green-Sweater Guy and Miss Pouty Fish,
page-angled to ensure that each gets to be
top draw.