Friday, March 7, 2014

What the hell am I doing here?

                                           The weather is terrible. It’s freezing cold and rainy. 
                                           The clouds hang low, and there’s snow in the valley. 
                                           Bundled in an anotak, I stomp up a rocky slope, further into the mist.   
                                           What the hell am I doing here?

I'm an armchair traveler and today I'm virtually visiting a  remote outplace high up in the Swiss Alps, checking in at the Hotel Furkablick. 

I'm in awe:
On a wooden deck in the Furka Pass

Anneke Bokern, who's actually been there, writes:

When I ask for a room the man explains that the hotel is closed. It’s a sealed time capsule. “Nothing has changed in the rooms since the hotel’s opening in the year 1900,” he says quietly.  "They all remain in their original condition, with chamber pots and washbasins.  Because the facilities are too old fashioned, we haven't received any star guests. And we therefore can't charge enough money to make a profit from overnight stays. The pass is only open three months of the year. And its as good as impossible to find employees who want to work up here."   [1]

   If you stand on the balcony, you'll see

One would think, if you're surrounded by snow and it's still bitter cold everyoutwhere, that the virtual-travel destination today might be towards a warmer clime.  But Uncube arrived in my emailbox this morning, I took one look at those photos, and I couldn't resist.