Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 Years of Dreaming

                                                                    I have a dream the
                                                                    wars will end.

                                                                    pre-emptive wars
                                                                    retaliatory wars
                                                                   wars of occupation
                                                                   wars to topple regimes
                                                                   wars to mine others' natural resources
                                                                   civil wars
                                                                   racial wars
                                                                   religious wars
                                                                   the war on isms
                                                                   wars to depopulate and remap a place
                                                                   the coming water wars
                                                                   the latest war of Terror
                                                                   World War

                                                                   . . .   all of them.

                                                                 Asleep or awake,
                                                                 I have this dream.