Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trekking with the Sketchers

The "Before" Scribble

this is a drawing I made 2-3 yrs ago
experimenting with an online Paint program
a fictional character invented for a story
that never got written . . .
time to get serious & learn
how to make a proper nose
(not just a hook with dot)
& remember to include the ears next time -
color inside the lines.

so they offered this little course
8 minutes' walk from here
10 weeks for $25
"Drawing for Beginners"
      there are 14 of us
we meet Monday nights for 2 hours
bring our big sketch pads & #2B & #4B pencils
first task was to draw Picasso's Stravinsky upside down
our homework this week is to
sketch electrical outlets & objects with angled corners & household appliances

fascinating so far,
the left-brain/right-brain thing -
consider the above drawing an old, hasty, "Before" rendition
to be compared, at the end of the course,
with a hopefully more realistic version.

hard work, lots of mistakes but
who knew it could be so addictive