Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy day dabbles

                                                                   stepping stones to nowhere
                                                                   "You go first." 
                                                                   "No, you." 

                                                                         Should we stay
                                                                               or run?
                                                                                     The shape of things to come.


                                                                        Play all you want.
                                                                        Paint this, word that . . .
                                                                        knight mares'll still flaunt.


Playing with the paint program again.   Colors, words, shapes and squiggles.  Work awaits; instead she scribbles, like a crayon prone to giggles. Must refrain. Outside--the rain.  All day it pours, three days now, pelting the pavement, drumming its drone-like splat. The cats watch and wait.