Monday, September 24, 2012


The stellar wind sweeps by
o'er bluff, dale, rock,
blazing the trail o'er land, sky and sea --
sees every thin thread or
            deep-web nook

They go look
there behind every door
          (t'would be good t'know how they got a key) --
they'll rarely knock.
Big shock.  They'll just deny.


Syllabic verse in 6-4-9-6-3, repeated backwards 3-6-9-4-6
using words associated with the process, program and/or location described in
the following references re: matters that may interest those
who may have an interest in such matters:

Scope of Surveillance

In secret listening rooms nationwide, NSA software examines every email, phone call, and tweet as they zip by.  [1]

The Utah spy center will contain near-bottomless databases to store all forms of communication collected by the agency. This includes the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails — parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases and other digital "pocket litter. "The NSA has constantly denied that they’re doing things, and then it turns out they are doing these things."  [2]

Even Congress Wants to Know What the NSA is Doing with this $2 Billion Utah Spy Center [3]

Some historical background on the datamining programs - for more details, go here.

Whistleblower Goes Public:

Over the past year Binney has gone fully public, detailing what he believes is a massive effort under the Obama administration to collect virtually all electronic data in the country, from  Facebook posts to Google searches to emails.

It is a deeply secret programme, Binney says, that is called Stellar Wind. He points to the NSA's creation of a giant data centre at Bluffdale in Utah as part of the system.

The gigantic building is set to cost $2bn and be up and running by 2013.

It is being designed to store huge amounts of accessible web information – such as social media updates – but also information in the "deep web" behind passwords and other firewalls that keep it away from the public.

As an example of Stellar Wind's power, Binney believes it is hoovering up virtually every email sent by every American and perhaps a good deal of the people of the rest of the world, too.
. . .

Obama has renewed the Patriot Act, tried to broaden the powers of detention of American citizens for national security reasons, and deployed the anti-spy Espionage Act more times than all other presidents combined.

"They are still continuing the same programmes – actually, Obama is doing more in some areas," Binney said. Nor is Binney optimistic of rolling back the surveillance.

Last week the House of Representatives voted for a five-year extension to the controversial 2008 FISA amendments.

Read more: here

[And let's not even mention how much energy it takes to run these proliferating, increasingly larger data centers.]  [4]