Monday, August 20, 2012

App'ed in, Tuned out

Sup? RU F2T?    ?4U
C my nu \=o-o=/'?

    -- OMG kewl.  $$$?

Brk the bk.  EOD.
 JK  :D
TMB m8, A3.

    --  K.  T2ul. KIT.


What's up? Are you free to talk?  I have a question for you.
See my new glasses?

     - Oh my God, cool!  Did they cost much?

Broke the bank. 
Just kidding.  (insert "Wicked Evil Grin" symbol). 
Got to go, bye for now.
Text me back, mate, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

     -- Okay.  Talk to you later.  Keep in touch.

Social Engagement circa 2012

Dinner with friends

On a date, while waiting for dessert

At the Museum

Sports spectating, sort of

 A day at the beach

Let's do lunch

Two friends together, alone,
alone together

TM'ing at the traffic stop


A friend sent these photos to my m8--er, I mean mate.  I don't know who took them or where the pix (excuse me, pictures) were taken.  I'm not a Tweeter/Twitterer or on FB [Facebook] but I do try to keep up with trends in language/communication/symbology, etc.

Isn't it amazing that you can now reach anyone anywhere, have instant access to information, 24/7.   I'm such a dinosaur, ha ha.  I don't own a cell phone.   I still use a fountain pen.  I still use heavy, cast-iron cookware.  I even occasionally wash by hand.  Call me Time-stuck.  But it seems to me, in the rush to embrace the latest ultimate in communicability and entertainment, where you can text, email, watch videos, conduct live chats with someone an ocean away while waiting for a bus, film anything/upload to YouTube in minutes, archive hundreds of songs, photographs or documents, all thru handy, portable, increasingly smaller devices -- who else doesn't also imagine the eventual disappearance of telephone booths, movie theaters, post offices, libraries, or (gasp) printed books?  (First they came for the telephone booths.....  [insert theme music from the Twilight Zone]... 

In 100 years the way we talk or write or think may also verve toward untranslatability, the code long having been forgotten, or nearso.

 :(            [<--  my emoticonical-inspired response]

Nah.     :)