Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cat Photo Shoot

Part 1:  Choose subject 

"You want me to do WHAT?!!!"

Part 2: Consider asking Nikki
if this is how she wants to be portrayed.

I already know the answer.
What was I thinking?!

 She  prefers this one.
[The beach ball was unintended.
Not a prop.
It was just there.]

"Okay, enough. 
I'm done ..."
she heads back upstairs to snooze again.

Photoshoot Final Report:

1. Never attempt a contrived pose.
2.  What's a hug for one, may be a choke for others.
3.  Posing should always be voluntary.  Ask first.
4. Let sleeping cats be. They'll hear you if you try to sneak a
candid photo.  [If they want to be photo hams, of course --
well, that's a different story altogether.  Let 'em shine!]

Thanks, Nik, old girl.
You haven't aged a bit.