Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lifemarks, unanticipated



So I'm not getting any better at Mr. Doob's Harmony Drawing Program but I find it interesting what emerges when the intended sketch takes an unexpected turn and an entirely different subject appears.  This started out to be a young girl reaching for the stars, but morphed into a sad man with a scarred face and an elongated chin.  I gave him some hair and a high-necked sweater but must have pushed a wrong button somewhere because Harmony saved the drawing before I had finished correcting it.  The face reminded me I'd forgotten its ears and eyebrows and positively detested the hairdo I'd chosen, complaining it looked more like a woman's ill-fitting wig.  This happens sometimes, a different entity emerges from the one you'd intended, wanting to say its say.  So I let it.