Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, now, who'd 've thought?

Monsanto Corn Under Attack by Superbug

Widely grown corn plants that Monsanto Co. genetically modified to thwart a voracious bug are falling prey to that very pest in a few Iowa fields, the first time a major Midwest scourge has developed resistance to a genetically modified crop.

The discovery raises concerns that the way some farmers are using biotech crops could spawn superbugs.

Monsanto's "seeds made it so convenient for farmers to spray Roundup that many farmers stopped using other weedkillers. As a result, say many scientists, superweeds immune to Roundup have spread to millions of acres in more than 20 states in the South and Midwest."[1]

[Monsanto generated $4.26 billion in sales worldwide from corn seed and biotechnology traits, about 40% of its overall sales, in its last full year.]

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