Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat Wave Relief

Some favorite music plus some appropriate images for cooling off.

Am off to the States again tomorrow in the Philippemobile out of Montreal. I am told there will be six of us and we're requested not to bring too much luggage. Five and a half hours with two stops at a third of the cost of going by bus--can't beat that. So looking forward to plunging into Mystic Lake again and seeing the l'il bubs, who are probably an inch taller, at least. V. just turned 3, and the newest one, Calix, will arrive "any day now", or so my son tells me, though I won't get to meet him probably until the Fall, that trip being a tad farther and a whole lot longer.

I don't like traveling in summer but the Philippemobile is air conditioned, fully stocked with music of all kinds, with large, comfortable (heated in winter) seats, and always engaging conversations with interesting people from all over the world. Thank goodness I made reservations last week--there's already a waiting list.

I hope they don't make us open our suitcases at the border. There is no way I will be able to close mine again! And still haven't found a place to put the chocolate egg/toys so they won't melt en route.

Adieu T-R, salut Boston!

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