Tuesday, June 29, 2010

everywhere, books

a friend's little library
in the tiny watercloset in the basement

six shelves in all
plus posters and framed prints,
mini-sculptures ... and masks

and of course,
the toilet and sink,
almost as an

It's not that one spends all that much time reading there.  It's that every other possible space in the house is already filled, from floor to ceiling--basement included--with books.  So shelves were added here.  One of my most favorite houses in all the universe, hundreds of miles away, its kitchen high up with the trees, huge windows looking out on squirrels and birds and leafy branches.  The sun squinting through, and the quiet that only such hidden-away cul-de-sacs can provide.  I'm to have breakfast there again in the coming weeks.  Yay!

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