Friday, May 14, 2010

Is and Does, comingling

serving's what I do --
who I am is more than that
and I'm not for sale

*Photo by awyn, on St. Paul Street in  Burlington, Vermont, 2001.  The shop in which this gentleman mannikin resided is no longer in business.  A pity, really, because he was always so impeccably dressed and seemed to enjoy his role as Greeter of Customers, smiling at all of us equally, as if to say even the poorest and scruffiest of you deserve a taste of elegance.  I dare say, he never quite got the hang of those white gloves, though.  They came in only one size but trouper that he was, he pulled it off, exhibiting not a speck of embarrassment or chagrin.  A lesson for life:  You work with what you're got.  He made me laugh--a character and his caricature, totally at comfort with one another.  I wonder whatever happened to him, or if he knows how grateful I am for the example of the absolute joy of being allowed to Just. Be. Yourself.

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