Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I am thankful
to be alive.

For good health
(knock on wood).

For my mother
for giving me her sense of humor
and love of reading.

For my father
for his initiative and ingenuity
and love of dancing.

For their love.

For my sisters,
always there for me
no matter what.

For all the family
aunts and uncles,
passed on
and still here.

For our pets,
for their companonship.

For my wonderful mate,
friend and lover,
sharer of my dreams,
the kindest person I have
ever known.

For my children,
forever in my mind and heart,
even beyond forever.

For the grandbubs,
who stole my heart
the minute I met them.

For the friends no longer here,
leaving memories to cherish

and those near and far
for their friendship.

For the unexpected insights
that changed my life.

For the hard times,
that helped me grow,
and learn.

For music, that lifts me up
that makes me remember,
that soothes my soul.

For dancing, that lifelong urge
so impossible to contain.

For mountains to roam in,
and waters to swim in
afloat, alone
with silence and sky.

For the strength to keep going
when I sometimes don't want to.

For words and books and poems.

For the gift of imagination
from the universe.

For espresso
and ice cream
and ... chocolate.

For snow!!!

For it all --

I give thanks.

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