Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rest in Peace, Mary Travers (1936-2009)

Mary Travers, of the 1960s folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, died yesterday, in Connecticut.[1]

After successful recovery from leukemia through a bone marrow/stem cell transplant, Mary succumbed to the side effects of one of the chemotherapy treatments. We all loved her deeply and will miss her beyond words. [Peter, Paul and Mary website].

I felt the need to hear her voice again.  To hear them all again, together. 

I never met her but I feel like I've lost a longtime, dear, dear friend. 

Thank you so much, Mary, for the memories:

Blowin' in the Wind
Puff, the Magic Dragon
If I Had a Hammer
Early Mornin' Rain
500 Miles

Rest in Peace, Mary.

You will be missed.

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