Saturday, May 17, 2008

Le régime de Montignac

Back from my trip, and after a nasty, week-long bout of sinus and right-ear infection, back to work again, as they say.

Okay, Monsieur Montignac, let's give it a try. No more white bread, refined flour, potatoes, sodas or patisseries. Nix the white rice, pasta made with refined flour, alcohol, strong coffee, or liquid with meals. No honey or fruit juice. And above all--no sugar. Supprimer totalement le sucre!! Red wine and dark chocolate, however, are allowed, woo hoo!

Am also following the Hay food-combining principles and suggestions from other readings, coupled with daily Falun Gong exercises --I figure this time it's going to actually work. I give myself till the end of October to reach my goal.

Daily walk, eat consciously, check the Glycemic Index, abstain from ice cream. Oufffff!!! (Cooked carrots are 85 on the glycemic index; tofu is a mere 15.)

Anybody out there currently following this particular regime? I would be interesed in your feedback.

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