Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Time for You to Go Now. PLEASE.

What I said to the snow a few days ago.  It's been a month since I posted the "No Place to Put It" pictures.  Then we got more.

The backyard piles got higher.

Underneath--the front steps, walkway to house,
and street sidewalk all wait for spring thaw.

From the kitchen window

 No path to next door neighbor

 View from other kitchen window

 Our yards not passable at the moment.

 At the back door, Pepé & Moog

Path to shed

I am happy to report that after a day and a half of rain by the weekend, the snow is gone from the roads and some sidewalks have begun to be not only visible, but actually now walkable.  The icycles melted.  Our street got all slushy, slippery and sloppy.  Then it got colder and everything froze again.  The piled-up snow, only an inch or so less high, alas, remains.  It should all be gone by mid-April (though one year there was still a stubborn patch of it still around on April 17th).  Little by little.  Meanwhile, time to start getting the trays and saved seeds from last year ready for indoor planting for this summer's garden.  I hope the bees come back this year.

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