Thursday, March 17, 2011

After the Quake

So many uprooted, displaced, devasted, suffering people--not just in Japan but all around the world.  That you could lose everything, all at once, including all the members of your family and--no time to grieve because 100% of your attention now goes to merely surviving. 

I am again struck by the utter unpredictability, and sheer fragility, of life.  (And the amazing stories of courage and will--for example, the 83-year old Japanese woman who outran the tsunami, by getting on her bicycle and determindedly peddling away.) 

In these days the "after" of the enormity of what happened on March 11 is still sinking in. Every single day.

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Elisabeth said...

And worse still the tragedy goes on with this radioactive threat, Awyn, and all the conflict in the Middle East - a man made disaster - compounds it. This is a difficult time throughout the world.