Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lost and Found

What a wonderful posting yesterday on Paul Martin's blog, The Teacher's View.  Not only is he a wonderful and engaging writer (meaning it is difficult to tear yourself away from the words once you start reading) but he echoes thoughts, imaginings and musings so familiar it's as if looking in a mirror.

He describes what it's like being in a well-loved reading spot, with its vaulted ceilings and view of the Pacific Ocean.  "This is where I belong, my home," he writes.   But I took it in the larger sense, referring not to the stacks of that particular, well-loved library but in general, simply being among books--because though I, too, have  "favorite library" memories, the feelings he talks about can come from being in one's own little corner of stacked books, or briefly, in the nook of a bookshop, lost in a world of exploration, finding the joy in discovery--a 'home' that's not rooted to a physical place but to the mental world in which one chooses to reside.  In that sense, home can be anywhere--or nowhere--depending on the availability of books and those quiet moments necessary for reflection.

Yesterday, while sorting clothes in my reading room to give away to a local clothing drive, a ragged tome from several decades ago caught my eye and I paused to open it up and thumb through it again.  And putting it back onto the shelf led me to its neighbor, another book I hadn't read in many years, and ... you know where this is going ... the clothes-sorting task now abandoned, I became lost in the very world described so aptly by Paul on his blog yesterday.  A five-minute 'break' that can turn into an hour and 45 minutes--such is the power of words on a page.

Thank you, Paul for such beautiful writing, for reminding me how wonderful is the world of stories and ideas and memories found in books, for reminding me that, for me, too, "This is where I belong, my home", the one you take with you no matter where you actually land in life.


Paul L. Martin said...

Thank you, Annie. The great thing about blogging is when you find like minds who understand what it is you clumsily try to say. I am trying to be humble here because you always have such kind and wonderful things to say about my blog. You are the perfect reader, always supportive, always ready to provide encouragement. Now, I am so happy to find that you allow comments on your blog. I can return the favor in letting you know that I love to drop in and visit with one of my favorite American ex-pats in Canada. Take care, and keep writing.

vazambam said...

Being a man of few words, I still have enough to second what Annie says about Paul and what Paul says about Annie. Thanks to you both.

awyn said...

Thank you Paul, for your kind words. I'm still trying to get the hang of Comment box maintenance. You are too modest, though. "Clumsily" is not a word I'd ever associate with how you give us words. I learn a lot about writing just reading your posts, especially your stories.

And Vassilis, man of few words, it's precisely that quality I strive to emulate--conciseness!--how to whittle a 50 word poem down to something resembling the kind of gems you seem to produce so easily.

I enjoy reading and learn from you both. Thanks again!