Monday, December 27, 2010

Spontaneous Eruptions, Ensculptured

Photo by Ilse at Beantown Daily Photo

Captured moments
frozen in stone
(or photographs . . .
or words)

I've lived that feeling.
I know its rush.
It's can't-not-singness,
don't care who frowns.

Photo by Lawrence Lui

Running barefoot in snow, fists clenched -
how you see a thing
Images mirroring muted responses, abruptly awakened
like cold water splashed on a tired face
Look, look what's happening, Look
Joy, YES!
but this also.  This other.

Rock solid or crumbling; real, imagined,
everything mixed, location just a backdrop.
Yes! comingling with NO, twin minds sharing the same pulse
The who not important, the why irrelevant.
Words useless here.

Hearing it. Seeing it. Feeling it.



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