Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun with Harmony #3

Landscape, Interrupted

Man Contemplating Bird


I am relaxing, playing with Mr. Doob's Drawing Program.

The first drawing is called "Not a Care". It is a kind of imagined voluntary liberation.

"Landscape, Interrupted" is unfinished because the darn program "saved" before I was through. I think my finger fell asleep doing the yellow grass and I pressed the wrong side of the mouse by mistake. (There was supposed to be a sea of sunflowers in the foreground. It would have taken For-ever.) I will be seeing yellow in my dreams tonight.

The bird in the third drawing has a head that looks more like it belongs to a squirrel, and its tail perhaps should go with a chicken. (It could be why the man is staring at it.) The bird wasn't meant to be there. I tried drawing a mustache on the guy's face and screwed up. You cannot erase on Mr. Doob's drawing program. So you gotta improvise. The bird is an attempt to salvage the scene. It may or may not have succeeded but it was fun.

The last (mini) drawing is another "original-idea-gone-south." It is trying desperately to be a cat, so I will let it. I call it "Sort of a Cat". He's in front of sort-of-a window, staring at a haphazardly executed brick wall. The 'bricks' are all different sizes--stacked, but not cemented together. It's made his hair stand on end.

This bunch added to the other Fun with Harmonies, #1 and #2)

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