Monday, December 7, 2009

Men on Camels

Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar
they may have come by camel, or horse, or on foot
but most scenes depict them as riding in on camels

they came, bearing gifts
to honor an infant
who would grow up to promote Peace
and an end to violence and hatred

Three weeks ago in South Darfur
300 armed men on camels attacked two villages, killing 11

they come, bearing arms
to rape, murder, pillage,
spread violence, instill fear.

Only 18 more days left till Christmas.
Parties, carols ... shopping ... gifts ... family
300 armed men on camels


According to the UN, Sudan has blocked peacekeeping patrols in Darfur on 42 separate occasions this year amid fears of a new conflict in the region. Around three million Darfuris have been displaced by government forces and allied janjaweed militia since 2003.  In Darfur, over 300,000 have died since the conflict began in 2003.

Six humanitarian aid organizations including the International Committee of the Red Cross and French group Doctors Without Borders have suspended work in eastern Chad after Laurent Maurice, an agronomist for the ICRC and his five Chadian colleagues were abducted near the Sudanese border. [1]

Three UN peacekeepers were killed in Darfur on Friday, three UN peacekeepers were killed on Saturday.  [2]

Peace on Earth
Goodwill to men

when will there be

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