Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun with Harmony #6

Ghost Faces, running out of space
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Goofing off again with Mr. Doob's Harmony Drawing Program.

Challenging, yes.  It's hard to draw with a mouse.  Noses come out deformed, color leaps from hair to face. You can't erase your mistakes:  a chin gone wrong becomes a scarf.  Art this is not--but it's fun . . . and relaxing.

It started out to be James Dean (but looks more like a bad attempt at a Dean Martin caricature).  His shoulders seemed off a bit--so I made them into the hair of two girls.  That gave me the idea to make it into a bunch of faces. The ones in the front could all be watching a movie.  Hanky-panky going on in the back seat to the left, a conversation at the right, a mercenary keeping guard at the rear. The poor frightened girl with what looks like a beard--it's not a beard.  Three tries at attempting a chin and I gave up and gave her a brown veil instead.  Her hair is supposed to be yellow.  (You call this yellow, Mr. Doob?!)  If that's what yellow comes out like, what must flesh-colored (for the faces) look like?  (You don't want to know.)  

The faces are too white.  They look ghastly.  Ghostly.  So I'm calling this Ghost Faces.

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